Browser Configuration Notice

Exemplar has deployed a more powerful server to support eManager applications. To access your account on the new server, you need to make a one-time change to your web browser configuration.
Problem Description Your web browser is not accepting temporary cookies.
What are temporary cookies? Temporary cookies are a small amount of information that is stored inside of the web browser on a temporary basis. This information is used to maintain your session state while you are logged in to eManager.
How do you fix this problem? You can fix this problem by adding the site to the list of trusted sites.
  1. Select Tools | InterNet Options...
  2. Click on the Security tab.
  3. Click on the Trusted Site icon.
  4. Click on the Sites... button.
  5. Uncheck the checkbox that says Require server validation.
  6. Add add as a trusted site. Notice that this address may be different from the address you entered (because of frames).
  7. Restart the Web Browser.

If this does not work or you need further instructions, please contact eManager support.